Onsite Measure and Planning

Our expert joiners will visit your home for a free, personalised consultation. Here, our joiner will discover your wants, discuss how you can best use the space and bring your vision to life with a sketch plan of your new kitchen, assisting you with the perfect selection of materials and colour scheme. Once you are satisfied with everything provided to you we will establish an appointment to select all finishes & hardware in our colour selection studio.

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Custom Designing of your joinery

Whether you’re after a sleek minimalist look, something traditional or if you long for the unique, when it comes to kitchen design, we will help you create it. With over 85 years in total experience in our industry our fully qualified joiners are more than capable for you to place your trust in to ensure your dream is achieved to the highest quality and standards.

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Kitchen 3D Designs

At Masterpiece Cabinetry we understand the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a known fact that an investment in your kitchen increases your property value and will always give back more than you place into it, one aspect of our business we highly suggest when wanting the extra confirmation before proceeding and giving you a very real feel of your future cabinetry is Using 3D prototype rendering, our clients have the ability to visualise their new kitchen to ensure they are happy with the look and feel prior to manufacture.

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Colour Consulting/Interior Design

Colour consulting is a point of difference & addition service we are proud to offer in our company. It benefits clients in so many aspects. People realise that cabinetry colour and finishes choices will determine the whole look and feel of the home but at times do not have the confidence to take that leap themselves, that’s where our colour consultant comes in and put your mind at ease, our interior designer is happy to walk you through the selection process until you are completely satisfied with your choices. (she is even happy for you to bring along your flooring/tiles/carpet/wall samples etc and give you that extra confidence that everything compliments each other perfectly).

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