2022 Kitchen Cabinet Trends: What’s New in Style?

25 February 2022

The events of recent years have left many people spending much more time in their homes than they usually do. You might have noticed that your kitchen or bathroom feels a little outdated and drab. Home trends are changing, and an update to your cabinetry might be exactly the lift that your home needs. Here are a few trends that are popular in 2022.


  1. Custom Spaces

For decades, you only had a few choices when it came to cabinetry. You had to make the things you own fit into standard spaces. Now, the trend is moving toward designing cabinetry that is built for your lifestyle and needs. Designers are creating spaces for everything from bakeware to spices to help keep your home organised.


  1. Custom Shelving

For some time, the trend was toward open shelving where everything you owned was on display. This tended to make the space look cluttered, and you had to keep them impeccably neat. Now, cabinet doors are once again in style, only designers are integrating special shelving spaces for items that you want to keep on display. This is an excellent compromise between these two style trends.


  1. Play with Colour

Stark white spaces that make the kitchen feel cold and sterile are being replaced by colours that are trendy and uplifting. Shades of green are popular this year to bring an organic look to the space. You can also opt for gentle blues or vibrant citrus hues. It is up to you, and you no longer have to settle for white. If you still prefer white cabinets, you might consider adding in a few accessories in bright colours throughout the space.


  1. Sustainable and Eco-friendly Materials

One of the biggest trends this year is toward eco-friendly, sustainable materials. You have many choices that include bamboo and recycled wood. Lighter woods that give the space an open and airy feel are also on trend this year. Companies that practice sustainability are on the rise. Many prefer the space to have a natural, organic feel for a minimalist, modern design.


  1. Non-traditional Shapes

Curves and archways are becoming popular in architecture, and they are also making their way into the world of cabinetry. Instead of the traditional cabinetry built on squares and rectangles, some homeowners are choosing to incorporate archways and glass doors into the design. These features give the kitchen a soft, welcoming look that is perfect for entertaining.

Now, you have a few ideas for updating your cabinetry and giving your kitchen or bathroom a refresh. Masterpiece Cabinetry provides custom cabinets in a wide range of popular styles. We are a member of the Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association and have many happy customers in Campbellfield and the surrounding area. Contact us if you think that it is time to renovate your home or if you are building a new home.

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