High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets from Masterpiece Cabinetry

28 April 2023

The cabinets that line the kitchen walls, frequently referred to as the “heart” of the house, significantly impact the room’s appearance, usability, and ambience. When purchasing kitchen cabinets, seeking the qualities that signify superior craftsmanship is crucial. Here, we’ll explore the top qualities of kitchen cabinets from Masterpiece Cabinetry that represent exceptional craftsmanship and enduring attractiveness.

• Full-Height Back Panels – Full-height back panels are necessary to stabilise the cabinet’s structural integrity. This makes it more likely that the cabinet will stay in position even with frequent use. Premium cabinets have full-height back panels fastened to the cabinet’s sides and bottom to strengthen their sturdiness further.

• All-Plywood Construction – Plywood, renowned for its strength, durability, and resistance to warping over time, is used exclusively in constructing the best kitchen cabinets. Moreover, plywood has a smoother finish than particleboard, assisting in preserving the cabinetry’s aesthetic appeal over time.

• Dovetail Joinery – Dovetail joinery in cabinets is an indication of excellent craftsmanship. This joinery technique uses interlocking wood pieces to create a solid and reliable connection between two pieces of wood. Dovetail joinery is considered the safest kind of joinery, contributing to the cabinets’ long-term durability.

• Adjustable Shelves – Shelves that may be adjusted are another characteristic of high-quality kitchen cabinets. This makes changing the shelves’ height simple to accommodate any products you need to store. This is particularly crucial for bigger items like big pots and pans.

• Soft-Close Hinges – The cabinet doors can close softly and quietly thanks to soft-close hinges. This function is very useful in the kitchen, where cabinets are frequently used. Soft-close hinges also aid in avoiding smashing damage to the cabinet doors and frames.

• Undermount, Soft-Close Drawer Glides – Any premium kitchen cabinet must feature under mount, soft-close drawer glides. These drawer glides help keep drawers closed while not in use and enable drawers to open and close quietly and smoothly. Also, they aid in preventing the drawers from falling off their tracks, a regular issue with less expensive cabinets.

• High-Quality Hardware – Hardware should match the quality of the cabinetry in a high-end kitchen. This features robust metal hinges and handles built to last a long time. Also, the hardware must be simple to install and durable under normal use.

• Durable Finish – Kitchen cabinets should have solid and long-lasting finishes to withstand regular use. A multi-step painting technique, including many paint coats and a topcoat for enhanced protection, is typically used to finish high-quality cabinets. This makes the cabinets more likely to maintain their attractive appearance over time.

In conclusion, high-quality kitchen cabinets can significantly alter how a kitchen feels and looks. Any kitchen can benefit greatly from a wise investment in cabinets. When choosing kitchen cabinets, the most important factors to consider are sturdy construction, premium materials, high-quality hardware, and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Together, these characteristics make a kitchen cabinet that will endure and bring lasting beauty and ease to any kitchen.

You can depend on Masterpiece Cabinetry to deliver only the best since we never compromise on the quality of our projects. We create gorgeous custom cabinets and install them for kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, and laundry upgrades.

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