5 Types of Custom Cabinetry to Consider for Your Bathroom

01 December 2022

Although many people may consider the bathroom trivial, it ranks among the most often-used rooms in the house. As a result, you must ensure that it is attractive and very functional. The cabinet is one of the key components that draw people to both the bathroom and the kitchen. Along with the countertops, they serve as both the rooms’ focal point and their most practical component. Considering the many different designs of cabinets available might be challenging, especially if you haven’t purchased one. Don’t worry. Experts from Masterpiece Cabinetry got you! Check out these various bathroom cabinets, and be ready to become obsessed with the thought of putting in a new cabinet.

Take It to the Next Level with a Built-in Wardrobe

The built-in wardrobe is one of the most unique and expensive types of wardrobes. For a proper fit, the bathroom cabinets must be cut with laser-sharp precision to fit inside the closet frame. They are, therefore, exquisite and represent the highest calibre of craftsmanship. However, because they must fit inside the closet’s frame, unlike ordinary closets, they are less storage-friendly than other types of cabinets.

Try the Slat Designed Cabinetry

Slats are used in slat-style cabinets. However, they are not overlapping and are instead placed side by side with ventilation in between. Since some homeowners prefer a little ventilation in their closets, this cabinet style gives them the desired airiness and a terrific sense of flair. You will quickly fall in love with this design if you enjoy classic decorating motifs that never go out of style.

Make it Modern with Metal Style Cabinet

Metal is a fantastic method to give your bathroom a retro, modern, or industrial appeal. If you want to give your bathroom a brand-new design, consider installing metal-style cabinets and pairing them with contemporary lighting and accessories. You can change your bathroom into a new age by converting it into a metal cabinet.

Simplify It with Wooden Style Cabinet

The most well-liked cabinets are basic wooden ones. They are useful, simple to find, and guarantee that your bathroom will have the appearance you want. You may simply design the style you want for your bathroom by choosing from a wide range of timbers, colours, and stains. The typical option for kitchen and bathroom cabinets is plain wooden cabinets. Therefore, this is undoubtedly a safe course of action if you want to enhance your medicine cabinet without considerably departing from the norm.

Achieve a New Look with Flat Style Cabinet

The most common style of cabinet is shallow. The flat cabinet’s simple forms go well with both traditional and contemporary interior design styles. They are timeless and provide countless options for hardwoods and treatments. Choosing a shallow, inexpensive cabinet in the laminated style can help upgrade your bathroom.

The new bathroom cabinet may give your bathroom a whole new look with bathroom accessories and add a lot of value to your home, regardless of the style of cabinet you prefer and wish to update. By doing some research, you may not only find the perfect cabinet but also revamp the appearance of your bathroom.

At Masterpiece Cabinetry, you can expect only the best, we do not compromise on quality, and all our projects are completed to the highest standards. We offer top-notch services for all your cabinetry needs. Request a quote today and call us at (03) 9357 9355 for more enquiries.

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