6 Space Saving Kitchen Cabinet Design Tips from Masterpiece Cabinetry

28 July 2022

When revamping your kitchen space, the goal is to maximise the space of your kitchen area. It involves a lot of things to plan like planning good kitchen cabinet designs. To achieve your goal of maximising your kitchen space, this is one of the main parts of the whole kitchen design planning. There are a lot of kitchen cabinet inspirations to choose from in the current trends of cabinet designs. To give you an overview, here are 6 space-saving kitchen cabinet design tips.

Kitchen Pull-Out Organizer

Kitchen pull-out organisers can store not just your unused plates, and ingredients but also your utensils. Pull-out organisers allow you to easily access the spices or your utensils without difficulty finding and cluttering them on your kitchen countertops. Adding kitchen pull-out organisers makes so much space for your kitchen area. Pull-out organisers are filled with storage possibilities, a great space-saving solution that saves sufficient space.

Upper Cabinets

Another space-saving kitchen cabinet design tip that we recommend for you to try to achieve a spacious and organised kitchen space is installing upper cabinets.  Although most homeowners are not sold on having upper cabinets for some reason, and they are getting rid of them to focus more on lower kitchen cabinets, adding lesser upper cabinets is still a good option to save up space and accommodate some kitchen stuffs instead have them left uncluttered in your kitchen countertop.

Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves are good for storing pots and pans. Most cooking pots and pans have bigger sizes, thus, adding rolling shelves just right about your kitchen cabinet can make a big difference in keeping your kitchen space look spacious. Keeping these pans and pots organised on rolling shelves than just letting them hang on your wall near your stove, is the best way to organise it.

Pull-Out Garbage Bins

The last thing you want to see in your kitchen space is your garbage bin which can be very unsightly. That is why adding pull-out garbage bins to your cabinetry is very important in keeping your kitchen area clean and smelling good. Freeing up your kitchen island with garbage and recycling bins also makes your kitchen space tidy and organised. It likewise helps reduce trash smell especially when you are having guests during some special occasions.

Ingredient Drawer Pull-Out

Reduce the clutter on your countertops by installing an ingredient pull-out specifically made for spices and other ingredients to avoid disorganization in your kitchen. Ingredient pull-outs also keep your spices, herbs and oils and other cooking ingredients neat, organized, and easy to reach.

Install Inner Cabinet Door Racks

If you have an existing cabinet in your kitchen space, just make the most of it instead with inner door storage. Adding some extra inner door storage racks helps you store some kitchen stuff like saucepan lids and chopping boards out of sight and organised in those storage racks without sacrificing shelf space. Inner cabinet door racks when used properly can be an effective space-saving kitchen cabinet solution.

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