8 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Style: Ideas for Custom Joinery

14 May 2020

Everyone knows that kitchen renovations involves several decision-making process. One of the most prominent aspect of kitchen renovation is the selection of cabinet door styles. Cabinet door styles – or cupboard door profiles – come in a variety of designs, textures and materials. The interior style of your kitchen whether it is minimalist, country or contemporary – should always guide your choice of cabinets’ door styles. Below are eight of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles that would give you an idea for your own custom joinery.

Flat Cabinet Door Style

Flat kitchen cabinets are best suited to contemporary, or modern style homes. Easy to clean and usually the most affordable style, flat cabinet styles can also be produced with or without handles. Go without handles for a cleaner, minimalist look or take kitchen hardware as an opportunity to show off your individual style. For a more vibrant look, consider choosing a bold kitchen cabinet colour for the heart of your home.

Shaker Cabinet Door Style

Renowned for their simplicity and elegance, shaker style cabinets are named after a religious sect known as the Shakers who, during the 1800s, became known for their well-made, simple and functional furniture. When it comes to cabinetry, shaker cabinets can be identified by their five piece design: a single piece of timber as a backing, with four smaller slats forming a border around the outer edge.


Beadboard Country Cabinet Door Style

Beadboard cabinets with a bordered edge are best suited to country style homes and kitchens. If you have a heritage home with stained-glass windows or have views of farmland from your kitchen window, these cabinets will look right at home in your place. Keep in mind though, that this style of cabinetry – while undeniably charming – can require a little more dusting than other options.


Tongue and Groove Cabinet Door Style

Related to beadboard cabinets, but differentiated here by their lack of outlining border, tongue-and-groove – or v-groove cabinets – are currently having their moment in the spotlight. It’s amazing how quickly the country style cabinet can go from cottage quaint to something that suits industrial kitchens, and coastal homes – simply by removing the border from the design.


Sliding Cabinet Door Style

If you have a compact kitchen, consider whether sliding cabinet doors will work as part of your kitchen’s design. Depending on the materials and colour chosen, this style would work beautifully in a Scandi style home, or even as a throwback to retro kitchen design.


Heritage Cabinet Door Style

Heritage cabinets can be thought of as the more ornate cousin of Shaker cabinet fronts. Characterised by a raised central panel with more intricately detailed woodwork, this traditional style of cabinet door is most often seen in Hampton’s style homes.


Glass Cabinet Door Style

Glass cabinets are a great way to add interest to your kitchen. Suited especially to Hampton’s homes and country kitchens, glass cabinets will require a little bit of styling effort to begin with (to ensure the contents of the cupboards are nicely arranged) but will never fail to wow your dinner guests.


Inset Cabinet Door Style

Inset cabinets may look just like other regular cabinets, but on closer inspection you will notice that they feature exposed hinges and doors that sit inside the cabinet frame. Inset cabinets are generally selected for their overall smoother appearance, but with the door sitting within the frame, can reduce the amount of available cupboard space.

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