How to Add the Veri Peri Colour of the Year to Your Home Interior Design

27 May 2022

Pantone picked the VeriPeri shade asthe colour of the year.We all know that renovating your home does not only include selecting an interior design. Other factors should be considered carefully, like adding a colour scheme to complement the interior style and look. Choosing the right colour palette and finish is one of the other factors that you also need to thoughtfully decide and examine early on.Colour experts believe in the power of the Very Peri shade in providing calm and peace to any home. To experience the same ambience with a touch of VeriPeri in your home, here’s how to […]

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Things You Need to Do Before Hiring a Local Kitchen Cabinet Maker in Melbourne

12 May 2022

If you are renovating your kitchen space and you are planning to install custom made cabinets, the best thing to do is to hire a local kitchen maker. If you are from Melbourne, hiring a professional kitchen cabinet maker that is also from Melbourne is the most practical option for you. Local kitchen cabinet makers not only have access to different stores that sell exclusive equipment and tools in your locality, but they also make the work easier and quicker. However, there are still other factors thatneed consideration in hiring the best kitchen cabinet maker to do the work for […]

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A Quick Guide to Picking the Right Bathroom Cabinet Size for Your Home

27 April 2022

If you are currently renovating your bathroom at home, purchasing and selecting the right stuff to put in your bathroom must be top of your priority.If your bathroom has limited space, choosing the right cabinet size is key to maximising the space. You just need to consider some factors and explore some options in choosing the right cabinet size. To help you in deciding which cabinet size to shop for, here is a quick guide to picking the right bathroom cabinet size for your home. Measure Your Bathroom Space Before you go shopping for your bathroom cabinets, you must measure […]

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Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets: How to Choose the Right Colour Combination

08 April 2022

Two-toned kitchens cabinets have increased in popularity and demand over the last few years. It has been a top choice for kitchen designers because they love how two-toned kitchen cabinets help in separating different sections visually and not only that, using installing two-toned kitchen cabinets for your home can add colours and create a spacious look to the whole area. If you love to try it in your kitchen, the only decision that you have to carefully make is how to choose the right colour combination to achieve the overall look that you envision your kitchen to be. Have a […]

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Small Bathroom Renovation: Reasons Why Custom Cabinets are a Necessity

30 March 2022

Small bathroom design is a challenge. One of the things that can make your home look cluttered is when you have to store items on top of the vanities or out in the open. The limited space presents challenges when it comes to finding a vanity or other storage solutions. Let’s explore why custom cabinetry is the best choice if you are limited on bathroom space.   Standard Sinks and Vanities If you have ever been in a small bathroom where the sink is too close to the vanity or the vanity prevents the bathroom door from swinging open fully, […]

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