Choose from these Kitchen Bar Cabinet Ideas to Include in Your Next Remodel

07 June 2021

Entertaining companions can be a blast, yet not if you need more storage space for wine or mixed drink ingredients. This is the place where a bar cabinet can prove to be useful. Repurposing an old cubby or show cabinet is in reality beautiful simple. With a touch of effort and time, you can set aside some cash and get additional room to use as a wine rack or alcohol cabinet.

Divider Mounted Bar Cabinet

Presently, here’s a bar cabinet that is somewhat less complex in the plan. The key is to find acceptable woodworking plans and cut the correct lengths of wood to make this cabinet work. A cool aspect regarding this plan is that the lower cabinet entryway hangs open evenly so you can utilise it as a rack.

Farmhouse Bar Cabinet

This bar cabinet is another basic plan. You can find woodworking assets for a cabinet like this online. It’s nothing muddled, truly. Inside, there are racks for wine glasses and bottles, and the entryways have sheet metal inserts to finish the vintage look.

Repurposed China Cabinet

Originally, this china cabinet had a base that gave more storage. The – er eliminated the base and added a few legs that accompanied the plan. Other than that, nothing truly transformed from the vintage piece.

Seared Pallet Wood Bar

Here’s another plan where woodworking plans can prove to be useful. This in-home bar is produced using bed wood, which you can find free of charge if you realise where to look. This – er didn’t simply slap up some wood braces. The dull finish was finished by scorching the wood (or imitating the strategy well indeed).

Provincial Hanging Bar Cabinet

Here’s another hanging bar with a rack for additional room. This one has a bright provincial plan with a straightforward wood case and folded metal.

Travel Trunk Transformation

Old trunks make extraordinary bar cabinets. These two give a lot of storage to wine jugs, glasses, and tumblers. The metal legs make it simpler to arrive at the treats inside.

Liner Trunk Wine Rack

Continuing our trunk subject, this venture repurposes a vintage liner trunk, similar to those that individuals utilised through the 1920s. You may have an old trunk sitting in your upper room right now that would make an incredible bar cabinet.

Old Dresser Into At-Home Bar

On the off chance that you don’t have a consummately protected trunk from 1915 in your storage room, that is OK. This bar is produced using a customary dresser. You should simply add some shelving and hanging racks to oblige wine and glasses.


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