Custom Design vs Mass Production: Choosing the Best Cabinets for Value and Quality

28 September 2020

Custom designed and crafted cabinets installed in your home kitchen or utility room will give your rooms their own unique style. When combined with the other furnishings and accessories in your room interiors, these unique cabinetry designs will display your choice of style, from classic traditional or French country to Art Deco, rustic or sleek-lined minimalist. If your rooms have contemporary furnishings and decor, you can enjoy mixing different styles, selecting your favourite fashion modes and materials for new custom-made cabinets. Below is why choosing custom designed cabinets could give you the best value and quality in comparison to mass produced ones.

Customised to Fit Room Interiors

When you select custom-designed and crafted cabinets for your home, they will be uniquely styled and sized for an attractive and practical, precision fit in each room. Although manufactured cabinets for use in your kitchen may be available only in limited sizes, your expert cabinet crafting team will take exact measurements of the walls or under-counter space where your new cabinets will be installed. In a kitchen with a high ceiling, natural timbre cabinets with clear glass door panels will provide you with plenty of vertical storage space and good visibility of all items stored.

Designed for Optimal Use of Space.

If your kitchen is small or has an irregular shape, your experienced cabinetry experts can create custom-designed cabinets of your favourite style in varied sizes to accommodate the room’s layout. With their skill and craftsmanship, your cabinetry specialists can actually expand your kitchen’s visual appearance, giving it a more open and pleasing atmosphere for cooking.

Your cabinet makers can also produce movable cabinets that swing outward from the walls when you need to access them and move back into place when not in use. If your kitchen or utility area is still being constructed or if renovations are in process, built-in wall cabinets can also be welcome space savers.

Cost-Efficient and Durable

Although buying mass-produced cabinets may cost less than ordering custom-designed and crafted cabinetry, these customised products will last for long-term use. Since you can select the materials and hardware for your handcrafted cabinets and cupboards, they can be made of elegant natural Victorian Ash, Red Oak or Jarrah. If you choose aluminium cabinets, you can select bright or subdued colours for their finishes.

Veneers used for cabinetry will also be more attractive and durable in most instances when you select custom cabinets over factory-produced models. Your expert carpenters will also use stable joinery options like dovetail, box or dowel joints rather than the simple butt joints that are often used in producing large volumes of manufactured cabinet models.

Personalised Style

Your new customised cabinets will enhance your home interiors with your favourite stylistic choices. Since your home is truly your castle and haven, it should be designed to include all of the elements that reflect your preferences and desires in fashionable decor. The only way to ensure that you acquire the new cabinetry that you envision is by engaging the services of an expert carpenter. When you work with a skilled, creative designer and artisan, you can be assured that the results will be highly attractive and practical cabinets that you can enjoy for long-term use.

When you contact the experts at Masterpiece Cabinetry located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, designs and craftsmanship for creating the ideal fashionable and functional custom cabinets to complement and enhance your home’s kitchen or utility room. Our experienced designers and artisans will ensure that your new cabinets and cupboards are the fine-quality, stylish creations of your dreams.

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