Custom Kitchen Cabinet Installation Material Comparisons

10 October 2022

Kitchen cabinets are essential to any kitchen design and come in a variety of styles and finishes. Because the kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in the house, it is critical to select a material that can withstand normal wear and tear. Remember that your kitchen cabinets account for a major percentage of your overall kitchen makeover budget, so it’s critical to do your homework and ensure you choose the proper material and drawer hardware to match your lifestyle and budget. This blog will assist you in choosing the ideal kitchen cabinet for your needs.


You can’t go wrong with laminate in the kitchen. This finish not only provides a very durable surface, but it also comes in a wide choice of colours and contemporary textures to meet any style or vision. It’s an affordable alternative that looks well in any kitchen decor.

Solid Timber

Using solid timber cabinetry in your kitchen provides the longest-lasting finish, with the added benefit of being able to modify the look of your kitchen by simply resanding, staining, or painting it.

There are numerous advantages to using this material. Timber rarely shows dirt or ageing, and its long-lasting finish is ideal for high-traffic family kitchens. Another advantage of solid timber cabinetry is that the natural colour palette of timber blends into practically any kind of kitchen, flooring, or home decor, instantly creating a timeless feature.

Pre-finished Veneers

Pre-finished veneers are another popular option at Masterpiece Cabinetry. We emphasise to our clients that what they see is exactly what they get, and this is always the case! Because these veneers are ‘pre-finished,’ you don’t have to bother about the actual veneer colour.

Remember that most veneers are ‘raw finished’ in the sample folders, so you’ll be amazed at how dark or even red the lumber appears after the two-pack lacquer is applied. Pre-finished veneers are not only incredibly durable, especially in vertical applications, but they are also excellent for making statements or creating focal points in the kitchen.

Two Pack

Two pack is well-known for having one of the best high gloss finishes available. It is a very versatile material that may be applied to any material surface/style of doors. Shaker, Provincial, simple, timber, and even stainless steel are among the examples. The most advantageous element of using two packs in your kitchen is that you can achieve an identical colour match with your home’s walls. It’s a timeless, high-end alternative that will never go out of style.

Black Marine Plywood

As an eye-catching aesthetic feature, the timber edges of black marine ply are left exposed. The smooth appearance is due to the way plywood is made – by pressing thin layers of wood together. This is appropriate for urban chic, industrial, or ultra-modern kitchen designs, and it has the added benefit of being a cost-effective solution as well as a very durable material.

You can expect only the best from Masterpiece Cabinetry. We do not cut corners on quality, and all our projects are performed to the highest standards. We will take care of all the elements, from designing your kitchen using our cutting-edge technology to installing your new kitchen cabinetry, so you don’t have to stress at any point in the process, delivering you a wonderful result on time and without difficulty! You can check out our gallery to see the works we completed or contact us at (03) 9357 9355 for enquiries.

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