Essential Features of a Custom-Designed Kitchen According to Pros

28 February 2020

No matter how you want your custom-designed kitchen to look, there are still essential features that must always be present in your kitchen design. Although the design and function is entirely dependent on your decision, kitchen design professionals suggest not to overlook the important necessities that must be incorporated. Below are essential features of a custom-designed kitchen according to pros.


Kitchen islands still remain to be the most requested feature in many homeowners’ dream kitchens. The reasons for this vary from wanting it to be the kitchen’s focal point to providing an extra preparation space or storage.

Large Single Sink

Most homes these days come with a double-basin sink, but surprisingly, more and more homeowners are requesting for a larger, single-basin one instead. More homeowners are opting for one large sink around 76 – 84 cm wide and 23 cm deep. This is because double-basin sinks are unable to hold their pots and pans that are bigger than the average ones. Consider making the switch and go for a stylish, deep single-basin sink in your kitchen.

Roll-Out Shelves

It is common to hear of home owners wanting more storage space for their kitchens but the number one feature that most people go for is roll-out shelving. While a walk-in pantry is a top ‘want,’ it’s not always feasible due to space and budget limitations. A great way to get the accessibility of a walk-in pantry without giving up so much space is to have your kitchen designer install roll-out shelving in your cabinets.

Roll-out shelving removes the guesswork of figuring out what is behind the first row of items and makes it easier for you to see the entire contents of your shelf with just one pull. It also allows you to better organise your pantry and gives you better access to your ingredients.

Professional Range

These days, more and more clients are becoming more adventurous and inventive when it comes to cooking. You can fulfil your gastronomic dreams with a professional-level range in your home. There is a wide assortment of ranges available, both for gas and induction types, to suit your specific needs. Consult kitchen design professionals to find out your best options.

Coffee Bar

Mornings are not complete without a great cup of coffee. Recently, professional say that a coffee bar was one of the top requested features for kitchen renovations. Get the feel of an artisan café in your home and ask experts to create customised joinery for your kitchen that can store your coffee or espresso machine, mugs and add-ons like sugar, creamer, etc. Not only will a coffee bar elevate your mornings, it can seriously elevate your kitchen’s style as well!

When you contact the experts at Masterpiece Cabinetry located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, designs and craftsmanship for creating the ideal fashionable and functional custom cabinets to complement and enhance your home’s kitchen or utility room. Our experienced designers and artisans will ensure that your new cabinets and cupboards are the fine-quality, stylish creations of your dreams.

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