Give Your Home a Fresh Start for the New Year with a Kitchen Makeover

14 January 2020

People often resort to renovations and home makeovers as a way to kick off the beginning of a new calendar year. Kitchen makeovers are one of the most common renovation practices since it is widely considered as one of the most important facets of a home. Below are tips on how you can give your home a fresh start for the New Year with a kitchen makeover.

White Kitchen Design

The white kitchen design is appropriate for any decorative style of your home. If you opt for a rustic style the wooden furniture painted in white, combined with flowers or wrought iron accessories would work for you. If you are looking for a Nordic look you can use the white colour in lacquered furniture with straight lines. For a more retro style you can combine the white pickled wood in combination with the glass material and pictures placed in the walls and retro style tiles

Aside from that, white combines very well with all materials. Wood, granite, vinyl are examples of materials that can make perfect combinations with white. A white kitchen design will also provide a much wider space, helps to increase the reception of light and brings a sense of cleanliness. This colour will help you achieve a very powerful visual effect, and that is that a small kitchen seems much bigger.

Kitchen Island Design

If you have enough space in your kitchen to place islands, you are in luck, as the cooking islands become a very practical element in the kitchen. At the same time, they transform the space into a much more modern feature – thanks to the contemporary touches that the islands produce.

The island must have enough space to be able to circulate around it with total comfort and spaciousness. The ideal distance between the island and the rest of furniture or furniture is one metre, more or less. For this reason, kitchen islands are complements for large kitchens. The kitchen island market offers a wide variety of models with different types of functionalities. Remember that your kitchen must be divided into three zones – cleaning, storage and cooking.

Modern Small Retro Kitchen with Partitions

If the kitchen is not too small we can put a bar or island to open the kitchen to the living room and dining room without partitions, in this way we will get wider spaces. In many studios and lofts, American bars are widely used as separators.

Minimalist Modern Small Kitchen

The latest fashion in household appliances and elements of modern small kitchens is the use of stainless steel appliances and furniture. The metallic colour is usually associated with hygiene and cleanliness, which is why fashion is so strong.

Give your kitchen the best makeover this 2020 from Masterpiece Cabinetry. In addition to kitchens in new homes, we also conduct kitchen makeovers in Melbourne, turning the dull chipped and hideously unfashionable into the sleek, functional and enviable.

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