Going Green in Custom Kitchen Design: What are the Things to Consider?

07 February 2020

As people begin to familiarise themselves with the impending danger brought by man-made activities to the environment, they in turn created various alternatives to reduce the disastrous effects of their action. Sustainable lifestyle is incorporated in both residential and commercial properties in order to practice an environmentally-conscious mindset. As such, both the interior and exterior designs of several homes are now going green – particularly the kitchens. Below are things to consider for your green custom kitchen design.

High-Quality and Sustainable Materials

The most important thing to remember about going green is to create a kitchen that can withstand the test of time. As kitchen renovations are not exactly the greenest project in itself, you will want to build a kitchen that will last you years – both in terms of design and usage. While this may mean spending more initially, this will prevent you from another one a few years down the line – helping you save money and save resources.

Invest in high quality and sustainable materials and finishing that can handle the wear and tear of daily use. Custom built wood cabinets are always a good choice and have been proven to last longer than other materials. For countertops, expert kitchen designers suggest opting for engineered stone such as Caesarstone which also offers products made from partially recycled materials.

Energy Efficiency

A common problem that homeowners face when purchasing kitchen cabinets is that store-bought appliance use in the kitchen accounts for around 10 percent of a home’s energy consumption. If you choose to invest in new appliances, go for appliances with more stars and a higher energy rating. Although more expensive, they’re designed to use less energy down the road and are made with sustainable materials. For lights, you could switch to LED light bulbs that last up to 20 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. They come in various colours and shapes that can go with any look you fancy.

Proper Ventilation and Lighting

Further cut down on your energy use by installing proper ventilation in your kitchen. Big windows help draw air in and out and provide sufficient natural lighting that can further reduce your energy consumption.

Practice Reusing and Recycling

Start your kitchen renovation on the right foot by reusing and recycling what you can from your old kitchen. Reduce the amount of waste material you have by utilising existing materials such as wood, countertops and appliances for your new kitchen. Make sure you recycle materials you no longer intend to use. Ask help from custom kitchens and joinery specialists about the appropriate and most eco-friendly ways to make use of some available and existing materials.

Go green with your custom kitchen design from Masterpiece Cabinetry. In addition to kitchens in new homes, we also conduct kitchen makeovers in Melbourne, turning the dull chipped and hideously unfashionable into the sleek, functional and enviable.

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