Hidden Costs for Kitchen Renovation: Things to Keep an Eye On

23 March 2020

Before, kitchens weren’t given much appreciation because they only serve one mere purpose – to be an area for food preparation. They were described as small, dark rooms at the concealed part of the household. Nowadays, kitchens are considered as the heart of every home, thus explaining the demand for kitchen renovations. With the best of the kitchen renovation in mind, homeowners tend to shell out a lot of resources just to get the job done. This results in some contractors adding hidden costs in charging the homeowners who know less than what is necessary. Nevertheless, below are hidden costs for kitchen renovations that homeowners must keep an eye out.

Design Fee

Many modern Australian homeowners give importance to the kitchen thus typically providing a substantial investment when renovating. It is essential to have an experienced professional to tailor a design to suit your space and home perfectly. During the design phase, potential issues can be flagged by your designer and be resolved, which could be costly if left unnoticed until construction starts.

Cooktop Update

With the increasing popularity of induction cooktops, homeowners need to decide between a gas cooktop or an induction model. There are fantastic options in both these categories, and several things should be considered when selecting the correct cooktop for you and your family.

From a cost and installation perspective, keep in mind that changing from gas to electricity or vice versa can be a costly exercise. If you have gas but would like to go for induction, the electricians may need to run a new circuit to the switchboard, which is not always a simple task. Conversely, if you want to switch to gas and already have electricity, you’ll require a new gas connection, which could require a gas line upgrade and extension, which again will add to the cost.

Benchtop Material

The choices are almost endless when selecting a benchtop material—natural stone, reconstituted stone, porcelain, concrete, timber, steel, laminate, the list goes on. The pricing for each material varies greatly, so when setting your budget make sure you factor in a realistic estimate for the material you desire.

For example, most reconstituted stones have three to four ranges and grades to select from, and the quotes you get will generally be based on a standard range- so keep that in mind! The price difference from one to the other can be quite dramatic. Also, keep in mind you’ll see an increase in cost if you’re wanting under-mount sinks, flush mount cooktops or waterfall edges.


This can be an especially costly reality if you have an open plan layout. With open plan designs, your flooring will most likely continue throughout the entire home or at least the living area, not just the kitchen. Replacing flooring throughout an entire home can be costly, and this decision should be considered in the initial design phase.


Purchasing new appliances for your kitchen should be viewed as an investment. The price point for appliances vary greatly, so it’s important to set out a budget, and a list of requirements to optimise functionality. The new appliances will likely be the greatest cost following the joinery – so make sure you have your appliances selected and budgeted for during the design stage. Keep in mind the pricing that you receive from builders or cabinet makers quite often will not include appliances.

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