How to Add the Veri Peri Colour of the Year to Your Home Interior Design

27 May 2022

Pantone picked the VeriPeri shade asthe colour of the year.We all know that renovating your home does not only include selecting an interior design. Other factors should be considered carefully, like adding a colour scheme to complement the interior style and look. Choosing the right colour palette and finish is one of the other factors that you also need to thoughtfully decide and examine early on.Colour experts believe in the power of the Very Peri shade in providing calm and peace to any home. To experience the same ambience with a touch of VeriPeri in your home, here’s how to add the Veri Peri colour of the year to your home interior design.

Add a Table Cloth with a Dash of Veri Peri Colour

To add the Veri Peri colour to your interior design for this year, we recommend adding a table cloth with a dash of Veri Peri colour in them. It serves as an eye-catching pop of colour which accentuates your dining table without having to attach a permanent  Veri Peri accent since Pantone selects different colours every year.

In the Form of Veri Peri Towels for the Bathroom

You can also add a touch of Veri Peri into your bathroom space in the form of a Veri Peri bath and hand towels to add a new twist to your bathroom. Veri Peri may not be a versatile shade but they can also instil comfort like any other colour, which makes them an ideal colour addition to your interior design in the bathroom.

Paint Your Wall with Veri Peri

If your goal is to have a wow effect in the corner of your living space and you want to integrate the Veri Peri colour as an accent, why not paint a portion of your wall with Veri Peri colour. Painting your accent wall with Veri Peri colour infuses a dynamic vibe to your home interior design and injects a fresh and calm atmosphere into your overall living space.

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