Small Bathroom Renovation: Reasons Why Custom Cabinets are a Necessity

30 March 2022

Small bathroom design is a challenge. One of the things that can make your home look cluttered is when you have to store items on top of the vanities or out in the open. The limited space presents challenges when it comes to finding a vanity or other storage solutions. Let’s explore why custom cabinetry is the best choice if you are limited on bathroom space.


Standard Sinks and Vanities

If you have ever been in a small bathroom where the sink is too close to the vanity or the vanity prevents the bathroom door from swinging open fully, then you understand why a pre-made vanity from the home improvement store is a bad choice. Many people do not realize that custom cabinetry is an option for the bathroom. They are limited to only the standard sizes and styles that are available. Buying an off-the-shelf bathroom vanity or cabinet means that you might have to live with a few inconveniences. Custom cabinetry can solve this issue by creating a solution that is right for your space.


Flexible Storage Solutions

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to storage, and standard cabinetry that is available in the stores does not always suit your lifestyle. When designing custom cabinetry, the designer can ask you questions about what types of things you need to store and how often you need to use them. For instance, if you have a large collection of bath and body lotions, then you would need different size spaces than if you have a large makeup or fingernail polish collection. Perhaps you don’t need to store any of this and would like to open up the space in your bathroom by including a smaller cabinet and fixtures.


Cabinets to Match Your Style

Nothing makes your bathroom look dated and old cabinetry that reflects bygone days. This can also be a negotiating point for buyers if you are selling your home. You can choose custom cabinetry that gives the space a modern and updated look. You also do not have to be stuck with someone else’s style choices. Custom cabinetry in the bathroom can help you make your space feel like your home.

Now you know a few reasons why custom cabinetry is an excellent solution for those who are thinking about renovating their small bathroom. Masterpiece Cabinetry has been creating custom cabinetry and joinery solutions for homes in Melbourne and the surrounding areas since 2010. We have established a reputation for quality service and beautiful work. We take care of everything and will help you design cabinets that will help you get the most from your small bathroom. Contact us, and one of our professionals will get in touch to discuss your project.

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