The Importance of Personalised Consultation for Your Joinery Services

16 December 2021

Are you looking to have carpentry work done? But not sure where to start? Measuring, understanding what you can do with your space and choosing the best materials or getting a report for insurance can feel like a minefield – so let us do the hard work for you!

You may notice that most design and construction professionals stay with you from the beginning of the construction until the project completion. You probably have a job to go to every day, and won’t be around to answer every one of the contractor’s questions. But the designer will oversee the work, and coordinate with the contractor to make sure everything is proceeding in the right direction. Such a move is highly beneficial in kitchen remodelling, especially in the planning and custom joinery parts. Personalised consultation and planning must be practised more often. Below are the reasons why.

Accuracy and Precision

Personalised consultation and planning of new kitchens and custom joinery will guarantee the most accurate and precise version because it is measured and planned where it is placed after it’s done. You do not have to make life-like sketches or illustrations that could veer away from the actual thing. Aside from that, you can also make the necessary adjustments with full consideration as to where it will be placed. You can also realistically map out the floor plan in such a way that you consider any unforeseen incidents since you are stepping foot on the site itself.

Aesthetic Coordination

You will be able to assess whether the custom joinery will complement the overall aesthetic appeal of your new kitchen if you decide to use personalised consultation and planning. You can swatch the colours and choose the themes taking into account the amount of daylight that enters. You can easily position the joinery in areas where it will not acquire or cause much damage to the property and the residents. You can decide how good they will look together if you do personalised consultation and planning.


You will incur unnecessary costs from inaccurate measurements and planning done off-site. There is a greater chance that there are blind spots not considered since designers and contractors failed to see the bigger picture. You can also save a lot of time if you do personalised consultation and planning since the professionals who will remodel your new kitchen and custom joinery will assess the environment firsthand.


Personalised consultation and planning will not only be convenient to you as a homeowner. But to the designers and contractors as well. They will not waste much time and energy in perceiving the final product if they can see it on their own. They will not rely much on the client’s description since they can observe it themselves.

We at Masterpiece Cabinetry can design your kitchen with our state of the art program and up to date machinery. We will take care of all the elements so you don’t have to stress at any stage of the process, delivering you a fantastic product on time and hassle-free.

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