Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Paint Colour for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

08 November 2022

The kitchen is more appealing because of the space’s colour scheme, design, and organisation. The cabinet’s design and colour are extremely important. We don’t pay attention to cabinet structure and colour, only to how things are organised. You’re not the only one who thinks painting is a crucial component of kitchen design. To build and maintain a comfortable kitchen space, it’s crucial to choose the proper colour, size, and design for your kitchen cabinets. It is important to think about the colour of the cabinets because different colours might stimulate different feelings in you. Here’s an ultimate guide to choosing the right paint colours for your custom kitchen cabinets:

Size and Lighting

What type of décor do you want in your kitchen? Is it large or modest? Do you like a large, well-lit kitchen or a more compact, lighted one? You buy the kitchen cabinets based on your answer. Your cabinetry is impacted by the size, lighting, and traffic patterns of your kitchen. Smaller kitchens with poor lighting should have lighter cabinets, whereas bigger kitchens with good lighting should have darker cabinets. You might wish to add lighter cabinetry if your kitchen is small or dark. Darker cabinets, however, might give your kitchen a roomier, cosier vibe if you have a larger kitchen with decent lighting.

Style and Design

When planning your kitchen, picking the right cabinetry is crucial. A cabinet will appear crowded, chaotic, and messy if there isn’t enough room within for all of your kitchen supplies. For convenient access to your food, cookware, and appliances, you must have kitchen cabinets. You’ll find it simpler to select paint colours for your kitchen if you apply the design style of your cabinets. Choosing traditional cream and white hues for your kitchen cabinet can help it maintain a classy and timeless appearance. Why not use neutral or pastel paint on the cabinets in the kitchen? If your kitchen is more modern, you might also choose bolder hues like black, red, and green.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish

Glossy white cabinets can help your kitchen appear bigger and more noticeable when used with white cabinets. High gloss cabinets have a sparkling finish that reflects light and gives them a bright, modern appearance. This finish can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including glossy painted wood, high-gloss lacquered wood, acrylic, laminate, or thermofoil. For kitchen cabinets, matte paints and finishes present a polished, tidy, and clean appearance. If you want to give your kitchen cabinets a makeover, consider painting or varnishing them with a matte finish. It improves the appearance of a kitchen either way.


If painting your kitchen cabinets isn’t your thing, think about staining them instead in a colour you’ll enjoy. Leave them in their natural form and merely paint the wood with a contrasting colour to bring colour to your kitchen. Consider applying a contrasting stain over the wood and letting it fade to a chalky finish if you like a brighter appearance. Any kitchen design will look beautiful with warm dark grey, white stain, or dark brown stains.

The colour of your cabinets matters in any kitchen makeover project as mentioned in our previous blog. So, if you are planning to build a custom cabinet for your kitchen, ensure that you are also prepared to choose the appropriate colour for it that will suit your kitchen space perfectly. Contact Masterpiece Cabinetry today at (03) 9357 9355 and will take care of all the elements so you don’t have to stress at any stage of the process, delivering you a fantastic product on time and hassle-free!

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