What Do You Need to Consider Before Choosing a New Bathroom Vanity?

08 September 2022

Every day, you start at the vanity in your bathroom. While you brush your teeth and style your hair in the mornings, you do your mental to-do lists and calendar reviews here. Every evening, you end up in your vanity to wash away the highs and lows of the day before you go to bed. Any ordinary drawers with a sink attached won’t do. More consideration and planning must go into choosing this kind of daily devoted collaboration than choosing a typical piece of furniture.

Before choosing a new bathroom vanity for your ensuite bathroom or powder room, here are some things you need to consider:

Plumbing Requirements

It is highly advisable to get your bathroom vanity before the plumber shows up because you won’t be able to move things later once the piping is installed. Before buying a vanity unit to replace an old vanity, be sure of the plumbing requirements. Choose a vanity that will fit the same plumbing if you can. This will significantly simplify your life for you.

Space Availability in Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanities are available in various designs, sizes, and arrangements. You must choose a vanity size based on the space available in your bathroom. If you pick a too big vanity, it will be difficult for you to leave adequate space around it. On the other hand, if you select a vanity that is too small, your space will not be balanced, and you run the risk of not having adequate storage.


What function will your bathroom vanity serve? Are you renovating your ensuite, your children’s daily usage bathroom, or a guest bathroom that won’t see much use? How many individuals use this washroom? Where do you style your hair and apply makeup in the bathroom or another room? Before looking at bathroom vanities, it’s crucial to think about how you use the room.

You might want to seek something sturdy, cleanable, and a bit shorter for kids. Choose bathroom vanities with a double sink and storage beneath the countertop if you and your partner need separate spaces.

Your Classification Preference

Even though contemporary bathroom vanities come in various designs, the most fall under the classifications of freestanding or wall-hung vanities. As the name suggests, Freestanding vanities can be positioned anywhere in a bathroom. On the other hand, wall-hung vanities must be installed on a wall with plumbing already in place.

Your Budget

It’s not only how much your vanity costs that count. The amount of your renovation budget you want to invest in should also be considered. For instance, you might need to cut back on your spending on a new vanity if you spend thousands on a bespoke shower, tile floor, new lighting, or pricey millwork.

However, you should budget enough cash so that each thing you buy fits the general scheme. You don’t want a vanity that looks old in a bathroom influenced by the newest design trends.

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