Why Floating Bathroom Vanities are the New Trend

21 November 2022

When we consider a floating vanity, the terms clean, modern, minimal, and attractive immediately come to mind. Of course, a floating vanity is a space-enhancer with an elegant appearance that closely resembles that of a high-end hotel. Let’s examine the benefits of floating your vanity and what makes it the new trend for bathrooms.

It Gives an Illusion of Space

A floating vanity can help you create the illusion of extra space in your bathroom since it extends the view to the area beneath the vanity, giving the impression that the room is larger. Additional tip from Masterpiece Cabinetry, to give the impression that the room is larger, think about putting a runner in front of the vanity if your shower cabinet is watertight and fastened.

It Provides Flexible Storage

A floating vanity is ideal for you if you’re a style freak who enjoys displaying everything from perfectly folded towels to fragrant lavender bonsais. You can conceal clutter in the drawers thanks to the neatly lined storage. Rattan baskets, extra bathroom linen, and tissue rolls look fantastic displayed on the under-cabinet shelves because it gives the area a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. The spacious drawers can easily contain bulkier necessities like towels and hair styling supplies, while the pull-out drawers may hold items like lotions and toothbrushes. It makes it simple to maintain a neat and organised appearance.

You Can Customise It Based on Your Needs

You can choose where and how high you want to set your vanity. You can select from various combinations for countertops and cabinets. Choose one with additional drawers if you require more storage. You can make drawers and niches to your specifications or just choose a countertop with storage baskets underneath. The popularity of floating vanities is increased because you can customise them to such an extent.

It’s Easy to Style

Floating vanities offer the perfect kind of room for placing oil burners and diffusers if you are a big admirer of them. The same is true for other accents, such as flower vases, towel racks, tiny baskets, and lovely trinkets. The floating vanity, which is the focal point of the bathroom’s style, can be decorated in many ways. A mosaic tissue holder, a little decanter filled with cotton swabs for potpourri, a few fragrant candles, carved wooden boxes stacked on top of one another (which would also be useful for storage), an antique tray holding perfume bottles, etc. As we mentioned, endless.

It Never Goes Outdated

Floating vanities will always be in trend. Most designers share this viewpoint as well. This practical bathroom furnishing typically features a clean-lined form with defined edges and an open surface area that lends a modern appearance. Additionally, they provide a variety of stylistic options that let you give the bathroom a glamorous, minimalist, luxurious, roomy, or dramatic look, depending on your preferences.

If ever you are interested in installing a vanity in your bathroom, it’s best to have it installed by a professional bathroom cabinetry installer.

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