Why Should You Consider Colour Consultation in Modern Kitchen Renovation?

12 October 2020

The overall colour scheme of your kitchen design and decor is of vital importance to your enjoyment of time spent cooking and preparing meals. Since the kitchen is also the focal point and central gathering place in most homes today, colour choices for use in this room are important to all the members of your household. If everyone in your home favours a bright, vibrant kitchen interior, your experienced interior designer and colour consultant can help you decide on using bright springtime greens, robin-egg blues and violet-petal shades and tonalities.

If you want a warmer, earthier ambiance, you may opt for rich tangerine, yellow-gold, burnt sienna and red clay shades. If your favourite is a sleek, subdued minimalist kitchen atmosphere, your colour selections may include soft slate greys, cream, cocoa and black. By selecting marble or granite for counter and bench top material, you can create a unique, stunning kitchen fashion statement by coordinating and contrasting your colour choices with the hues and elegant marbling patterns of these beautiful natural stones. Here are reasons why you should consider colour consultation in modern kitchen renovation.

Colour Consultation Improves Your Overall Home Environment

When you seek the guidance of an expert colour consultant for deciding on the colour scheme for your kitchen makeover, you will benefit from professional knowledge and understanding of the amazing power and effects of colour on your home environment. Your consultant will assist you in making various colour choices for your decor.

Colour Consultation Enhances Uniformity in Cabinets, Cupboards and Drawers

With the aid of your colour expert, you can examine the bold or subtle differences in coloration, textures and grains of lustrous natural hardwoods for your kitchen cabinetry like Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah or Victorian Ash. Cupboard space beneath your benchtop can be crafted from the same wood or other natural or faux timber that accents and complements your overhead cabinetry. If you add a free-standing cupboard or unit of stacked cabinets nearby, the use of timber, veneer or enamel-painted aluminium in colours that blend with or enliven the main hues of your cabinetry will give the room a pleasing cohesive appearance.

Colour Consultation Gives Bench Tops, Counters And Splashbacks a Unique Accent

When selecting your bench top and counters of stunning marble, granite or quartz, consider your favourite choices for predominant kitchen colours. If you want a colour scheme of coral, goldenrod and cocoa, a marble bench top patterned in coral, rose, and chocolate or charcoal may be an attractive choice. If your preferences tend toward rose, black, red and silver, a handsome pure white quartz bench top may be the ideal selection. Glass or ceramic splashback tiles in accenting hues can be charming. Your colour expert can help you design your unique colour scheme.

Colour Consultation Promotes Coordination in Walls, Floors and Lighting

Your skilled and experienced colour consultant can also be of great help for choosing materials and colours for your kitchen walls and flooring. If you want marble or ceramic wall tiling that aligns with your chosen colour scheme, more subdued shades in one of these favourite hues can be appealing. Bold or soft shades and patterns in wall paint and tiling can also add a sense of casual elegance to the decor. If hardwood flooring is a must, you can coordinate or contrast your choice with your new cabinetry. Adjustable recessed ceiling lighting along with stylish wall sconces can bring warmth and vitality to your inviting new kitchen interior.

When you contact the experts at Masterpiece Cabinetry located in Campbellfield, Victoria, they will plan and complete all aspects of your kitchen makeover, from start to finish, working closely with you to include all of your specifications, preferences and needs. Our kitchen joinery and renovations professionals will also provide you with an excellent colour consultant to ensure that you select the ideal colour scheme for the ultimate new fashionable and appealing kitchen interior of your dreams.


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