Why Should You Prefer Using Custom-Designed Kitchen Joinery When Renovating Your Kitchen?

25 September 2019

Regardless of the scope of your kitchen renovation, you deserve to receive a high return on your investment as far as quality, durability, functionality, and attractiveness. While stock options are available for kitchens today, they do not look or hold up as well as custom-designed kitchen joinery elements will for your remodelled kitchen. Read the following list of reasons why we state this so emphatically:

• You Have Greater Design Options – Custom joinery for your kitchen puts you in the driver seat with all aspects of your elements whether it is the wood trim or the cabinets. This design flexibility goes for all styles, including modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, and eclectic. Customisation allows your personality to show through with your new kitchen. During the design process, you also will be able to select the colours, materials and finishes for all your joinery elements.

• Custom-Designed Kitchen Joinery is More Durable – Unlike stock options that are made with low-quality materials, custom joinery is created using high-quality woods and hardware where relevant. As a result, your kitchen elements that receive customisation will last much longer that any stock kitchen elements.

• All Custom Joinery is Made to Your Measurements
– Your joinery elements will fit to perfection since they are made only to your kitchen measurements. There will be no unsightly gaps or need for shims to level your cabinetry correctly.

• Customised Joinery Often Includes Features Not Found in Stock Options – Another benefit for choosing this type of kitchen joinery is that you can include special features in your cabinets, such as pull-out shelves, warming drawers, utensil drawers, corner-shaped cabinets and more. This increases the overall functionality of your kitchen.

• Customised Kitchen Joinery Contains Quality Workmanship – This type of joinery contains skilful craftsmanship. All aspects of it are created with superior techniques unlike the stock options.

• It is the Cost-Effective Renovation Choice – While stock kitchen options may cost less in the beginning, they often require replacement far earlier than your budget allows. In comparison, customised kitchen joinery lasts years longer, and this makes it the more cost-effective choice for your kitchen remodel over time.

• Customisation of the Kitchen Joinery in Your Kitchen Renovation Can Increase Your Property Value
– Due to the fact that all the above benefits create a highly resilient, functional, and attractive kitchen, customised kitchen joinery can increase the value of your property. In fact, you can add thousands of dollars to the selling price of your house.

For further facts about why you should prefer using custom-designed kitchen joinery when renovating your kitchen, turn to Masterpiece Cabinetry. Our company never compromises on quality materials or workmanship with any of our projects. All our clients receive the best possible results. Schedule an initial visit for us to issue you a quote for your specific kitchen renovation.

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