5 Reasons to Choose Custom Cabinets over Mass Manufactured Ones

14 October 2019

Custom designed and crafted cabinets installed in your home kitchen or utility room will give your rooms their own unique style. When combined with the other furnishings and accessories in your room interiors, these unique cabinetry designs will display your choice of style, from classic traditional or French country to Art Deco, rustic or sleek-lined minimalist. If your rooms have contemporary furnishings and decor, you can enjoy mixing different styles, selecting your favourite fashion modes and materials for new custom-made cabinets. Five Reasons for Selecting Custom Cabinets over Manufactured Models Five essential reasons for choosing custom-designed cabinetry for your home […]

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Why Should You Prefer Using Custom-Designed Kitchen Joinery When Renovating Your Kitchen?

25 September 2019

Regardless of the scope of your kitchen renovation, you deserve to receive a high return on your investment as far as quality, durability, functionality, and attractiveness. While stock options are available for kitchens today, they do not look or hold up as well as custom-designed kitchen joinery elements will for your remodelled kitchen. Read the following list of reasons why we state this so emphatically: • You Have Greater Design Options – Custom joinery for your kitchen puts you in the driver seat with all aspects of your elements whether it is the wood trim or the cabinets. This design […]

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Why Should You Choose to Buy a Customised Kitchen made by an Australian Kitchen Manufacturer?

09 September 2019

If you are planning to renovate your home kitchen, beware of settling for a DIY flatpack trap since there can be hidden problems and downfalls to using these “boxed kitchen” products. Many homeowners think that a flatpack will be less expensive and easier to complete than other options. However, this type of DIY product may actually be more costly than other options for refurbishing your kitchen. When your flatpack arrives, you may discover that some necessary items are missing, damaged or broken. Others may be poor quality and not suitable for creating the finely built and finished kitchen interior that […]

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