Custom Made Cabinets for Your Home: 5 Reasons Why They’re Worth Investing On

11 June 2020

It is important to think ahead when you are remodelling your home. Since it is considered a tedious process, you must ensure that you know the work ahead and the decisions you have to prioritise. One of the most essential aspects is the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Due to the multiplicity of options, they could be an investment worth making. You could choose from any style and finishes and you could have a custom made one – which if you ask around would be the best option. Below are five reasons why custom made cabinets are worth investing on for […]

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Most Popular Custom Kitchen Cabinet Colours and Combinations that You Should Consider

27 May 2020

Kitchen design is constantly evolving. Colour trends, in particular, tend to surface in kitchens before they hit other areas of the home. As a result, areas otherwise resigned to meal prep have become the perfect showcases for daring looks that capture the best and brightest trends. Colour palettes, in particular, are starting to shift, with several beautiful, yet accessible hues making their way into today’s most impressive kitchens. With so many options available, choosing the right shade can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help. Below are the most popular custom kitchen cabinet colours and combinations that you should consider, as […]

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8 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Style: Ideas for Custom Joinery

14 May 2020

Everyone knows that kitchen renovations involves several decision-making process. One of the most prominent aspect of kitchen renovation is the selection of cabinet door styles. Cabinet door styles – or cupboard door profiles – come in a variety of designs, textures and materials. The interior style of your kitchen whether it is minimalist, country or contemporary – should always guide your choice of cabinets’ door styles. Below are eight of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles that would give you an idea for your own custom joinery. Flat Cabinet Door Style Flat kitchen cabinets are best suited to contemporary, […]

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It’s All About Space and Storage: Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Layout and Design

23 April 2020

For many people, kitchen layout and design are the most exciting parts of building or remodelling the kitchen. Considering how much time we spend in them, this is not surprising. Because it’s such an important space, planning the kitchen is worth the time and research it takes to ensure that it functions comfortably and efficiently. Keep these ten design considerations in mind as you plan your kitchen. Cabinet Height Whether you are 7′-0″ or 4′-5″ the cabinets need to fit you. Base cabinets are 36″ standard height, but most manufacturers can modify the height if necessary to make it comfortable […]

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Open Kitchen Concept: Spacious Living and Warmth inside Your Home

07 April 2020

Open kitchen concepts have been continuously gaining popularity as more and more homeowners choose to incorporate such design in their interiors. Open kitchens are defined by their wide open spaces and clear lines of sight to the rest of the house. More than a way to reduce clutter, open concept kitchens connect the kitchen to the rest of your trendy home providing a warm place to connect with people. Below are ways on how you can utilise the open kitchen concept to create spacious living and warmth inside your home. Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Flush Lines Cabinetry is the fastest […]

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