Hidden Costs for Kitchen Renovation: Things to Keep an Eye On

23 March 2020

Before, kitchens weren’t given much appreciation because they only serve one mere purpose – to be an area for food preparation. They were described as small, dark rooms at the concealed part of the household. Nowadays, kitchens are considered as the heart of every home, thus explaining the demand for kitchen renovations. With the best of the kitchen renovation in mind, homeowners tend to shell out a lot of resources just to get the job done. This results in some contractors adding hidden costs in charging the homeowners who know less than what is necessary. Nevertheless, below are hidden costs […]

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Practical Design Tips for an Australian Home Kitchen

06 March 2020

The kitchen is the centrepiece of every Australian home. Formerly known as an area for cooking and food preparation, kitchen designs nowadays incorporate the overall lifestyle of homeowners in the interiors. Below are some practical design tips for an Australian home kitchen. Concealed Appliances and Sleek Wood Panelling Homeowners want their kitchen to be open enough and stylish enough to be a hub or focal point in their home, ideal not just for cooking but also for entertaining. It should blend seamlessly with the rest of the home and be an inviting enough so that family and guests naturally congregate. […]

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Essential Features of a Custom-Designed Kitchen According to Pros

28 February 2020

No matter how you want your custom-designed kitchen to look, there are still essential features that must always be present in your kitchen design. Although the design and function is entirely dependent on your decision, kitchen design professionals suggest not to overlook the important necessities that must be incorporated. Below are essential features of a custom-designed kitchen according to pros. Island Kitchen islands still remain to be the most requested feature in many homeowners’ dream kitchens. The reasons for this vary from wanting it to be the kitchen’s focal point to providing an extra preparation space or storage. Large Single […]

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Going Green in Custom Kitchen Design: What are the Things to Consider?

07 February 2020

As people begin to familiarise themselves with the impending danger brought by man-made activities to the environment, they in turn created various alternatives to reduce the disastrous effects of their action. Sustainable lifestyle is incorporated in both residential and commercial properties in order to practice an environmentally-conscious mindset. As such, both the interior and exterior designs of several homes are now going green – particularly the kitchens. Below are things to consider for your green custom kitchen design. High-Quality and Sustainable Materials The most important thing to remember about going green is to create a kitchen that can withstand the […]

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How to Choose the Best Cabinet Materials for Your Kitchen Makeover

28 January 2020

Although many people assume that cabinetry holds little to no importance as compared to the structural components of a kitchen, homeowners still acknowledge cabinets as a key factor in defining a kitchen’s character. As such it is vital to choose the right style for your space. Arguably, the most important part of picking out cabinetry — even more than style and functionality — is choosing the right material. Below are tips on how to choose the best cabinet materials for your kitchen makeover. Wood Many architects, interior designers and homeowners aim for solid wood as one of the main materials […]

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